Monday, May 25, 2009

Beatles - Cute version


gustavo said...

Hilarious! Really nice job T!
George rocks! haha
I think it will be better if you put your name over the picture.
Just a better way to keep it safe... ;)


Tarsila Kruse said...

Hey G!

You recommend a watermark?
I'll think about it.
I really like the way people can see and enjoy the details... :)
Thanks for commenting!


gustavo said...

If you use a soft watermark for your jobs u will never have to worry about the details...

munchkin said...

tremendous work! :) And thanks for the reply to my query!! :)

Tarsila Kruse said...

Thank you Munchkin! Feel free to ask or come back to the blog anytime! :)

Carlos said...

Hi! I'm from Brazil and I love it. Congratulations! Is there a way to get this image in a bigger size?

Tarsila Kruse said...

Hi Carlos!
Obrigada pelo comentário!
Também sou brasileira! :)
Você pode comprar essa imagem de mim. Por favor, me mande um email no descrevendo para qual finalidade você precisa da imagem, então podemos acertar o preço e eu te mando o arquivo.